My Story


Bryncats is a small hobby cat breeder of Siamese and Orientals in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Siamese Kittens, Oriental Kittens are sometimes available to loving homes.

I always wanted a Siamese cat. I don’t know where it came from or why – maybe it was watching too much Blue Peter. I always understood animals better than I did people.

When my parents divorced and we lost my beloved Pekingese I was taken to see a Blue point Siamese cat. It clung to me and it was then unceremoniously prised off me again. My Mum changed her mind and bought a Jack Russell for me (for herself) instead. She wasn’t a Pekingese and definitely wasn’t a Siamese.

In 1996 I decided it was time. My Husband at the time was giving me the runaround and when he left the first time, I got a cat again – Tiger was brought home from the Cat’s protection. But Phyllis at the rescue – she had Siamese. I had always homed strays. They would find me.

So when my Husband said “get what you want for your birthday”, well he should have known better.

It was time and he came home after his posting, to this little chocolate point Siamese person:

Tig was a rescued cat. I literally rescued him from the jaws of an over boisterous staffy when I went to adopt him. Tig would bite my toes whilst I lay in bed and would open the food cupboard at 5am – I was smitten. It was a bit cruel too because Tig had been separated from his tabby adopted sister. She had been returned to her breeder and Tig was left behind. Tig was very clingy as a result and scared. He hid at every opportunity. But Tig liked chicken.

Tig was second hand at nearly 10 months and came entire, with papers. I took the pedigree papers to Pittencrief Park show after research, and I was shunned and shamed by an exhibitor there for even toying with the idea of breeding cats. I neutered Tig. My Husband at the time didn’t care much for him either. The cats made him sneeze. I kept Tig and let the Husband go. Priorities!

My friend who I worked with called me up “Rachel, there’s a cat who is going to die if you don’t adopt him!” Jeez, talk about emotional blackmail. I went to check him out. He was at cats protection with 60 others and wasn’t coping too well. He came down from the bathroom and made the most blood curdling cry. Without a cat basket I lifted him into the car and drove him straight home (with permission of course).

Batfink was renamed from Gordon. He needed a cool name.

His coat and condition needed time to come back. But Batfink was anything but resilient. I always assumed that his owner had died and up till then he had had a good life. But Batfink had been found in a bin. The vet had had to put a litre of saline into him, he was so dehydrated. His coat was oily somehow, it sort of stuck to him and he was skin and bone. He was such an easy going soul and completely at home. It was a complete transformation in hours. Whilst I watched TV he would sit on my lap with his Front paws pinning down my arm. I felt like I was his possession and it was comforting. He was very much a human companion. He had the deepest and throatiest miaow. I later learnt that Tarnishing can occur in cats and he had brown from that but he was a blue and had the most beautiful eyeliner. Writing this now, I wish I could venture upstairs and find them both curled up like they used to be, my two little gents.

He and Tig were the best of friends from the off. Tig immediately greeted him like an old friend and everywhere Tig was, Batfink was too. Their favourite spot was on my duvet and I found myself waking up in strange positions to accommodate them in my bed. After a month I introduced Batfink to the garden. Both of them would sunbathe with me on the lawn. It was serendipity.

I never knew how traumatised Batfink was. He was good at keeping secrets. There were never any signs, but one day my beautiful blue tabby boy shocked the hell out of me. I lost my job and inbetween job hunting my greenhouse was superb. The cats loved the heat of it and consequently I won a pergola through a gardener’s world competition. As I pottered in my garden and lifted a hammer to put the pergola together, Batfink totally freaked out, God only knows what Batfink had been through, and it took an age to calm and sooth him. We were both very upset and I consequentially never did any DIY around him again.

Sadly my little tabby Man and I had 7 short years together. He went for a dental and two weeks later, Tig and I were alone again. Batfink dropped quickly. Something packed up and he was in pain, presumably his previous life and weakened him and the anaesthetic finished him off. Tig was also grieving and neither of us were grieving well. The absence of Batfink and his huge personality left me devoid of happiness because Tig constantly cried. I even bought Tig a teddy to try and help, to have something to snuggle into as he was utterly inconsolable.

At the Shorthair Cat Club of Scotland  Show 2008, I decided to show my Tig, my beloved chocolate boy. Adquaam Tygretto was awarded Best of Breed and a champion certificate by Mrs Bullock; that was the start of something. Not bad for a 12 year old. I overheard a judge say “if I look as good as he does in his twighlight years….” He always did until kidney failure was his demise. By which time I decided he needed a partner in crime. A month was passed and his heartbroken demeanor was unabated.

It was at this point, my work colleague Pina, and I were stewarding at a show together, and introduced me to Pat, of Palmira Siamese. Palmira Nerissa was entrusted to me which was a complete blessing. I drove up way north to meet her. Pat made me lunch which was very kind, and Nerissa was secured. Weeks later I collected her from Perth (pedigree cats don’t leave home before 13 weeks) and brought her into the living room and made sure she was warm. Tig was smitten, and the two of them melted my heart, by curling up together. It was like old times but a girl instead, sporting a different jacket.

There was still a big tabby void so Dita (the tabby madam on the left and below) came to join us – Saitan Miss Tease from dear Margaret Reiling-Gibbon. These two are at the back of my breeding lines. Nerissa became a Grand Champion and Dita became an Imperial Grand Champion. Those are high accolades.

A clan evolved. I worship my furries.

My kittens are brought up in the home and live with their family until they are ready to go to their new one. They are well socialised.

I have specialised in Havana Brown and Tabby Orientals, as well as Siamese. Black Orientals have chosen me.

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